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Helio Forge (F1)

We set out to build a high-quality, large build volume and high temperature/PEEK capable 3D printer.  We wanted to bring this professional-grade printer to market at an affordable price.  Here is the result.  Introducing the Helio Forge 1.


Specification ItemHelio Forge 1 (F1)
Build Area (LxWxH)36cm x 32cm x 36.5cm
Build Volume51,840 cm3
Max Extruder Temperature450°C
Max Heated Bed Temperature140°C
Max Heated Chamber Temperature80°C
End StopOptical Sensor
Air Filter SystemYes
Noise LevelSilent
Printer Movement Printer Bed Stationary*
Layer Height75 - 250 μm
Common FilamentsYes
Special Filament CapabilityPEEK, PEI (Ultem), PEKK, Carbon Fiber, Flex
Open Source FilamentYes
Print Bed MaterialAluminum & Borosilicate Glass
*The nozzle moves in the x, y and z. The printer bed does not move which reduces vibrations and results in a more accurate print.
Note: The Helio Forge 1 prints all regular filaments except PLA. If PLA printing is a necessity, we can supply a capable nozzle for a fee.

Printing Capability

Helio Forge (F1) Alpha Test Completed

Six months of rigorous in-house testing is complete.  Consistently meeting specifications and tolerance requirements for various applications with all filament types.  Looking to begin Beta-testing phase very soon. 

If you are interested in participating in our Beta-test or would like to test our quality by having us print a sample, please email richard.m@

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